Create Kindness



Create Kindness.


When someone is kind to us, we instinctively want to please them by being kind in return. How does this relate to Blended Learning?


The lessons we create online have an actual personality. When students study, they see the lesson as a friend they expect to be thoughtful and to treat them nicely as they learn.


If we create lessons that are kind and thoughtful to our students, they will want to reciprocate. Students want to impress the friendly online lesson by learning the material.


While reflecting on this strange dynamic, the friendship principles of Dale Carnegie came to mind. In his book, How to win Friends & Influence People, Carnegie gives a list of how to show kindness to others.


The power of the list comes from the practicality of his ideas. May we encourage student success by including these principle in the learning opportunities we create for students in class and online.


1.    Begin in a friendly way, with praise and honest appreciation.

2.    Do not criticize, condemn or complain about the student.

3.    Make the student feel important, and do so sincerely.

4.    Smile. Include a smiley face during your lesson to increase learning.

5.    Talk in terms of the student’s interest.

6.    Encourage students to talk about themselves.

7.    Show respect for the student’s opinion.

8.    Appeal to their noble motives.

9.    Dramatize your ideas.

10.  Throw down a challenge.

11.  Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.

12.  Praise the slightest improvement. Praise every improvement.

12.  Give the student a fine reputation to live up to.

13.  Use encouragement, make an error seem easy to correct.


These are great things we are already doing in class. Let’s keep them in mind as we create materials online.



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